Strategies - Private Equity

Nimes Capital seeks to acquire or invest directly in operating businesses led by strong management teams with stable historical performance and solid future growth prospects. Nimes deploys equity capital in companies across industries and avoids opportunities with: cyclicality; legislative or technology risk; or significant customer concentration. While Nimes is not typically looking to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the businesses, strategic control is preferable and Nimes frequently utilizes its extensive network of operating partners to help drive the growth of its portfolio companies. Nimes does not have outside investors and is not constrained by fixed investment mandates or timelines. Accordingly, Nimes has the flexibility to structure investments to obtain alignment with management teams or existing owners/investors remaining involved, and has typical hold periods far longer than those of institutional private equity funds. Companies with annual EBITDA of $2 million to $15 million are of interest to Nimes Capital.