About Us

Nimes Capital is the private investment arm of Nazarian Enterprises concentrating in investments in alternative asset classes. Nazarian Enterprises has a well-established track record of successful investing, including its role as a lead early-stage investor in Qualcomm, Inc. Led by David Nazarian, the Nimes Capital team has invested in, operated and/or overseen numerous investments across a broad spectrum of industries.

Investment Philosophy

Nimes Capital seeks to invest in, support and build targeted portfolios of companies in high-growth asset classes with strong management teams in businesses with high barriers to entry. Nimes Capital is an active investor that expects to assist with the growth and success of its partners. Additionally, Nimes Capital builds long-term relationships with individuals and organizations that welcome the added value of its hands-on approach and that share its values of mutual respect, honesty and corporate citizenship.

Nazarian Enterprises

Nazarian Enterprises is the family office established by Younes and David Nazarian to diversify and manage the capital of the Nazarian family. The Nazarian family was one of the lead investors in company that was the dominant provider of satellite based tracking systems for the transportation industry, which merged with Qualcomm, Inc. (Nasdaq:QCOM) in 1988. As a result, the Nazarians were a major shareholder in Qualcomm and were active in the development and management of Qualcomm through its IPO. Nazarian Enterprises has a consistent track record of being at the forefront of identifying investment opportunities and effectively managing those investments across a diverse range of investment classes. Nazarian Enterprises utilizes its investment acumen and the insights gained from these experiences in a broad range of investing and philanthropic activities.